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Mind Boggling Numbers

Free exchange put up data of selected countries comparing the average daily amount of hours of television watched.  America watches double that of any other country.  With a culture that supposedly spends most of its time working, where does an American find the time to watch so much television?  With work, I can barely fit in 1 or 2…and this chart is showing the average!

Other than superior programming, some combination of factors as to why may include:

– Work at home as well as stay at home parents may keep the television on although the active participation of watching it doesn’t take place.

– The age distribution for those who watch television may be skewed towards the younger populations where they have more time to watch this much television — which after thinking about it is kind of unsettling compared to the amount being watched in other countries.

– An increase for the newer generations aptitude to multi-task may change televisions overall purpose.

– Insomnia and depression leads to excessive infomercial watching late night.