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The Rise of FAIL: A Google Trends Story

Success is blue. Fail is red.



So what has led to the rise in the interest of fail, overtaking success at the beginning of 2009?

– the recession?

– rising popularity of fail humor?

– increase in worldwide pessimists?

Taking a look at the region and city popularity, Hong Kong is the most obsessed with fail, but is also relatively equal with success.  Ireland on the otherhand is almost two times more obsessed with fail rather than success AND is the second region and city (Dublin) obsessed with fail.  Nice to see a proportional Philadelphia at number 7.  More interesting, when looking at languages, English is first (duh) with Swedish as second, Danish, Finish and Dutch following respectively.  The proportion of fail interest is much higher than success.  So, Scandinavians are more obsessed with fail then?  Chinese is next, although the interest in fail is proportional to success, and then follows your romantic languages.  German is proportional.  All others? Portuguese, Italian and Spanish are all obsessed with fail in proportion to success.

Yes, I know, what the hell am I posting.  But its Friday.  Such is a success with a fail.