Pushing possibilities…now on Twitter!

Pushing possibilities is now on twitter. You can follow by typing in the same user name I use for this blog, sfrable, or you can look up my real name Steven Frable. Why Twitter? Three reasons:

  • Sometimes I have ideas that don’t necessarily warrant a blog post, especially those that happen on the fly and are just merely questions or comments. Given my new purchase of the Google Nexus One, I feel that Twitter is the perfect tool for optimizing on the fly ideas and comments. The integration with this blog will help those who only visit here through searches of interest (not many followers yet) get snippets of what I am thinking at the time.
  • Which leads me to the second reason: it helps me understand my readership base. I can only see how many visit and what they are reading; not who follows. I don’t know if anyone has subscribed to my RSS feed or not.  With Twitter, not only do I know how many are following, but who is actually following. I hope that I would be able to follow others that have the same interest and build new ideas from it. I find it to be more productive when I am trying to peak some interest either for someone or for myself.
  • Finally, I used to post “Some interesting links…”  Usually I was emulating what other bloggers do when they aggregate what they have been reading, but I found my self using it as a filler post, finding a slew of links for the purpose of making a post.  It seemed more like work and I only wanted to post the link that I found most interesting.  So, I will be using Twitter to post those links.  This will help in keeping my blog posts to have something substantial as opposed to just providing filler.

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