Some Google predictions I would second

Google has applied to become a power marketer.  (here)  The reason?

“We want to have the ability to procure renewable energy to offset power usage of our operations,” said Niki Fenwick, a Google spokeswoman. Ms. Fenwick said that having access to more renewable energy could help the company fulfill its goal to become “carbon neutral.”

Google is venturing a little out of its territory isn’t it? No bother, as long as they stay successful they can do whatever they want. I mean, I am already drooling over the Google Nexus One! And that is why a highlighted comment on the blog is something I have to quote.  Some most likely predictions:

2011: In other news, Google is creating a health insurance company to insure more efficiently its employees…
2012: Google Oil has announced that the drilling has been successful, production will begin next month…
2013: In an attempt to cut costs and reduce management inefficiencies, Google has proposed to buy the world, the United Nations is bargaining for a higher price…


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