Freakonomics Fail

I am in anticipation for Steven Levitt’s and Stephen Dubner’s sequel, Superfreakonomics.  However, there is one chapter in there I am bit a skeptical about.  Nothing could bolster that skepticism more than the venom spewed by Joseph Romm at the Grist mill on how Levitt’s and Dubner’s take on climate change is completely and utterly wrong.  I assumed this wasn’t the only criticism.  The blogosphere would be in pandemonium if Freakonomics took a stance on climate change.  (especially given the one they decide to take)

Well, Stephen Dubner at Freakonomics today went ahead and posted a preemptive strike against those already going bonkers over this specific chapter.  The climate debate is a tough subject, and I am a bit put off that the Freakonomics crew decided to take on something more than they could chew.  But, the debate certainly deserves criticism. I can only make my own criticisms once I get the book.


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