What Do Psychologists Not Understand About Themselves?

A time waster indeed as Tyler Cowen has pointed out via MR, some of my favorites:

Steven Rosen:

“If only there were just one! A lifetime studying the neurobiology of learning and memory, and I still wonder about St Augustine’s questions 1600 years ago: “How does my brain/mind encompass vast regions of space and time, abstract thoughts and numbers, false propositions” – or for that matter the memory of my fourth birthday party or what I had for breakfast yesterday. Meantime, I am embarrassed by the naivete of my fellow neuroscientists who mechanically collapse mind into brain, or claim to be able to localise within that mass of tissue: equity, empathy, romantic love… “You’re nothing but a bunch of neurons” claimed Francis Crick, locating consciousness in the anterior cingulate gyrus. Lombroso redux indeed! As the mind is wider than the brain, to misquote Emily Dickinson, what other sciences/knowledges do we need to bring to bear to understand ourselves?”

Richard Wiseman:

“I have no idea why I occasionally think funny things. For example, the other day I was watching the film “District 9“, which is about an alien race known as “prawns”, and thought “I wonder if the alien in charge is called a king prawn?”. I would be the first to admit that it was not the world’s greatest joke, but still, where did that moderately amusing idea come from? And why are some people so skilled at creating funny stuff, whilst others wouldn’t recognise a proverbial custard pie, even if it hit them in the face? My guess is that the creation of comedy will remain a mystery for centuries, although at some point in the not too distant future, I suspect someone will carry out functional MRI scans of comedians creating jokes, and claim to have identified the part of the brain responsible for producing humour. Now, that will be funny.”


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