Healthcare Bill Dissent

Greg Mankiw posted a familiar argument from Cogan, Hubbard and Kessler on his blog here.  While it certainly is valid, I don’t think they should rule out the correlation between the rising rate of those being uninsured and rising premium costs.   I hope that they would be able to take this point and use it to their advantage.  However, there is a risk to what they propose.  How can we be so sure that although there may be deflation in catastrophic care, the same will be extended to routine checkups? If Americans are faced with either choosing to keep their $20 copay for a physical or end up budgeting for an estimated $200, I don’t think their concerns will really go noticed by the American public.    Any proof that doctors will lower their price for preventative care items if comprehensive care had high co-payments?  I think that what the Baucus bill aims at is hoping that cheap preventative care will reduce the burden on where the real cost is: preventable chronic illness .


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